Burning Patriarchy

We created the Flaming Patriarchy project to support women's crisis centers in Russia and Ukraine, because we want to live in an equal society and believe that any contribution is important.

Violence against women is still a key human rights issue. According to the World Health Organization, every third woman in the world experiences physical or sexual violence during her lifetime.

The key reason for violence against women is gender inequality and perceptions of the acceptability of such violence, which are cultivated by our patriarchal society (she herself is to blame, beats - means she loves, hit a woman with a hammer - there will be a woman with gold, etc.).

We want to support the activities of organizations that work in the field of violence prevention and provide assistance to victims of violence, therefore we will transfer 50% of the cost of each purchased badge to the Moscow Center for Assistance to Survivors of Sexual Abuse “Sisters” and the Kiev Center for Women in Difficult Life Situations.

The cost of the badge is 260 UAH.

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